About Us

ArkNet.Media started out as a simple weekly anime night with a few friends. Then, one day one of those friends betrayed the others and moved away. The others were devastated and heartbroken. “No one is going to read this anyways so I’m going to exaggerate a bit“. Thus began a search for a way to keep watching together even when one of us was far away. We tried some solutions like Rabbit, Watch2Gether, Gaze, and others but nothing seemed to work quite good enough. One day they found an online service called Umi.Party which worked out really well. It allowed the friends to connect to Crunchyroll and watch shows together while having the video synced.

As time marched on the small groupd of friends started to grow and more members were distance, the one drawback of Umi.Party was that it required a Premium account for Crunchyroll which some the friends did not have. “sad face” Also Crunchyroll didn’t quite have all the content that the friends wanted to watch and as Holloween rolled around they wanted to do a themed showing for the month.  This sparked new issues….

To combat the growing needs and members of the group one stepped up and started a website of their own, allowing the friends to watch the content that they wanted to  when they wanted to with no restrictions and no costly memberships. Thus, ArkNet.Media was born!!! It took quite a bit of learning and some trial and error but it is finally here. A site for those friends, a site to enjoy  content together, a site to let anyone join in our community. This is what they were trying to achieve and hopefully it succeeds. To help that along there isn’t just anime that streams. The site will have two theaters that play various films and every week the anime night theater room opens up. So go ahead, check it out! watch some stuff and maybe support the site.